Global Marketing Strategies - Short Term Vs Long Term Goals

Published: 21st September 2009
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Network marketing is like a relationship with your significant other. When you were younger, you may have dated different people and it just didn't work out because of all sorts of reasons. The biggest reason though is you didn't know what you wanted from the relationship. I think you'll agree that people who don't set their goals typically don't achieve them. Likewise, when you don't know what you want in a relationship, you are destined to have a failed relationship.

As I said, network marketing is like a relationship. If you don't set your goals in your network marketing business, how will you ever achieve them? Imagine if Michael Jordan never shot one thousand shots a day. How many championships do you think he could have had if he never set a daily goal?

I believe I have made goal setting a clear priority to implement in your global marketing strategies. The next step is to set long term goals and short term goals clearly. Notice I included the word clearly. I want to emphasize that you set your goals in as much detail as possible. An example of an ambiguous goal is: "I want to be rich" or "I want financial freedom." Although these are goals, they do not clearly define how much money you want to make or when you want to achieve financial freedom. When you put detail into your goals, it doesn't seem as difficult or as abstract anymore. Now you have more motivation to achieve your goals.

Next you need to define your short term and long term goals. Short term goals can be completed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. For example, each day you may want to call prospects for three hours. On a weekly basis, you may want to have written four articles. On a monthly basis, you may want a certain number of leads. Long term goals are the goals where you set your financial freedom date or your dream income date. For example, ten years from now you want to be financially free or ten years from now you want all your kids' college tuition saved up.

Once you have distinguished both short and long term goals, there is no reason why you cannot achieve them. If you have a burning desire to reach your long term goals, you will consistently reach your short term goals.

Unfortunately, there are many people who cannot distinguish short term and long term goals and accidentally mix them together. They think financial freedom will come overnight when it comes to network marketing. They think their dream income will be in the mail in one week. They need a reality check, because this is a business. Every business requires time, sacrifice and effort in order to be successful. You can ask any successful marketer and they will tell you about all the time they have invested in their business.

If you are one of those people who mixed up their goals, it's time to sort things out. Your short term goals will build towards your long term goals, but it is the long term goals that provide the passion and energy required to carry out your daily tasks.

So grab a notepad and a pencil and start writing your goals down. Include as much detail as you possibly can and modify it regularly. Organize a daily schedule to achieve each day's tasks and constantly remind yourself of your long term goals and what quality of life you dream of.

Just like your relationship with a significant other, your business requires a plan. It requires you to know what you want from it. Without a plan, you are destined to fail and will continue to keep searching for the "right" business. Figure out what you need to do before you go searching for a business. This, my friend is what will set your foundation for your marketing career. Stay determined to win the prize and know you will get there one day.

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